One of the most popular professional leagues in men’s football club association is the Premier League. It is known as the England primary premier football competition which is contested by 20 clubs and it fully operates on a system of promotion and relegation accompanied by Football League. All in all in a season from August to May, there are 380 matches played in it. The Premier league is fully sponsored by the Barclays Bank and this is the reason; the official name of the series is also said as “Barclays Premier League”. Step Aboard from UK, this league resonates as English Premier League. Copy2trophy is a place for all those whose root to the happiness is “Football” who dream only football, a dedicated and a determined quality oriented portal for their insane football lovers. Just name the trophy and series of that particular year and there we are ready to serve you; a beautifully hand-crafted elegant replica trophy for sale.

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The most of it games are played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons; others during weekday evenings. The fact-point about this Barclays Premier League is that this is the most-watched football league in the world, broadcast in 212 territories which almost connect 643 million homes. You can sense the love-intensity/ crazy/ fever and anxiety for the Premier League championship among its fans that according to the analytics report, it ranks third in the UAFA coefficients of leagues on tracking the performances in European competitions over the last five years.

Since the inception of this Premier League in 1992, 47 clubs have competed; only 5 have won the title:

Here, you can see the epl league maximum title winners,

               Team/Club’s                 Number of Title
1.    Manchester United                13
2.    Chelsea                4 (Current champions in 2014-15)
3.    Arsenal                 3
4.    Manchester City                 2
5.    Blackburn Rovers                 1