Yes!! Complete Your Fantasy of Having Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Replica Trophies

Hey Guyz!! We’re not talking about the casual fan who occasionally goes to a game because of opportunity knocked at his or her door neither we are talking about the one who watches the Super Bowl every year just because all his friends like to watch. The Real Fans, Yes we are talking about the real hard-core Football Fans as “Football is Their Life”. Researchers have shown that, the stakes becomes very high and a championship is on its mark, team players tend to choke if they’re playing at home ground especially in front of their fans. Not surprisingly, the pressure to perform often prevents players from doing their best.

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The real fact that lies between the original and the replica is that they matter in weight, height, material and price. The Original Super Bowl Trophy costs around 50000$ which weigh 7 pounds and 22 inches in height. It is purely handmade and the material used to craft the NFL Championship Trophy is Silver. On the other side, the replica of Super Bowl Trophy is weight is 5.03 pounds which is equivalent to 2.28 Kg and height is 22.44 inches equivalent to 57 cm. The purely handmade Vince Lombardi trophy replica cost at Copy2Trophy is 369$ which is purely crafted with Brass material and Nickel Plated. Furthermore, the replica trophy is not engraved with the NFL logo. You can buy replica trophy online for junior clubs and you can award it with the same environment after every game especially during the season and that too just in a very affordable price. Guyz, it’s hardly cost a fortune to provide that little extra motivation for your players.

Our trophies come in a huge variety covering all the series of Super Bowl Trophy Replica, with affordable prices starting at just $369 and you’ll have no problem finding something that does not suits your budget as well as your taste. Our range includes individual awards such as man of the match trophies and top scorer trophies, right the way through to team awards such as tournament winner’s trophies. As an Athlete or a football fan, you can check the authentic Football trophy replica for sale as there are many online replica Super Bowl trophies available.