Whoa, What a Night it was. Super Bowl Trophy 50 night doesn’t need any specific intro as it was the biggest super bowl NFL has ever celebrated. It has broken all the previous records in all the terms like viewership, streaming, and its own parent website and in philanthropy. In 2016 at the close of Super Bowl Trophy 50, the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee gathered the following metrics from organizations & you will get shock on knowing the fact like, the total page views on Super Bowl 50 website was 11,700,000 and the total data transferred from Levi’s stadium was in Terabytes, “yes almost 10.1 Terabytes”. Another insight crazy fact will give goose-bumps when we talk about social media. Off-course Facebook was one of the most used social media platform posting approximate 60 million posts, and 4.3 Billion active twitter audiences.

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The night was totally stolen by Denver Broncos. It was a defining moment in the history of the NFL, and it has totally set a new standard for future games. The hosting Committee has had set a new standard by redefining not only it’s fan experience, but also how a sporting event could leave a legacy of positive impact for its host region. Super Bowl 50 night trophy presentation ceremony sent a strong resounding message to the football world. Denver Broncos defensive tactics perplexed Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 that led to the special invitation in White House by President Barack Obama to head Coach Gary Kubiak and linebacker DeMarcus Ware to congratulate them on their victory. Here, at Copy-2-Trophy you can order the Super Bowl 50 Replica at a very attractive price. It resembles the exact replica of Super Bowl 50.